Anaerangal camp overlooks breath-taking Shola grasslands, craggy mountains, and the famous lake Anaerangal.

Wake up to the sound of birds, watch the sun colour the landscape with golden hues as it rises, breathe in the clean mountain air and make your day an adventure with the various activities on offer or simply relax and take in the beauty of nature around you. The strength of the mountain, standing there for all those years. The miracle of the flowers, infused with sunlight. The revelation of a tree, rooted deep in the earth, stretching to the sky, and bearing silent witness to the world around it. Feel the awe and joy of being one with nature!

The fully equipped cottages with thatched roofs and the tents, the large open gazebo, where you can sit back and enjoy your meals, the simple but delicious local food and the magnificent views from the property make for an ethereal experience that takes you back to nature.

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